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We are experts in the local real estate market.

Hello! I'm Jeff Freedman your Bay Area East County Specialist. I'm a licensed California Real Estate Agent & REALTOR® I've been an active agent since 2012, and have been mentored and coached by the renowned Mike Barbanica broker/owner of BLUE LINE Property Group.

My Professional Services

Email me at [email protected] or call/text me at (925) 303-3938 for any questions



How much are you supposed to offer?

Do you offer over the asking price?

Do you offer under the asking?

How many offers are average?

Are prices increasing right now?

What is a Pre-qual vs Pre-approval?

What about property taxes?​

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How fast are homes selling?

How many offers are average?

Should I price aggressively? 

Should I price conservatively?

What am I supposed to prep?

What are ALL the costs involved?

How long from start to finish?


Need Buyer Representation?

Do not purchase a new construction home without a buyer's agent. I can not only tell you what to look out for and what the builder doesn't tell you, but also provide broker-representation for your complete buyer-protection which is ALL complimentary to you.

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